Who’s Counting ?

In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet answer the question Who is Counting? as in the grams of sugar, the pennies and the dollars? How can we make our children more aware of their habits whether it is eating or spending? Also, they answer listener questions! Listen to the episode and then join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or email.

Conscious Consumer

Where did those sweaters come from?! Sometimes it takes the process of moving to make us realize just how much we have. How do we learn more about what we buy and how can we make choices that reflect what we value? In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about being Conscious Consumers in a world where the implications of how goods are grown, produced and sourced is increasing in importance.

The One…for right now

Do we have to wait for the One to come into our lives to fall in love or do we fall in love and then we have the One? This is the third podcast in a series on Marriage, where Lisa and Juspreet talk about how to give advice, the benefits of speaking to a therapist and being able to really express emotions. How does Personality play into communication, and the foundation of marriage? Listen to the episode and then join the conversation on Insta, FB or Twitter.

The Marriage Flight Log

For many of us, when we are married we spend more time with that person than we do with any other person over the course of life. How does our marriage play a part in our parenting style? What effects do our relationships have on our children and the foundation that we build for our children. In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet talk about Marriage, Communication and what habits or nuisances might be worthy of being overlooked by a partner. (Gasp!) Listen in to the discussion and then tell us what you think on Instagram, Facebook or even email.

Tidy up 2.0

The Art of Cleaning and Tidying is taking the country by storm. But are some people just naturally more prone to keeping their rooms and spaces cleaner ? Are there ways to teach tidying for more than just clothes and books? In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa discuss ways of bringing order to everything from Closets to Calendars. Listen in as they talk about how space creates space and helps with balance.

New Year’s Resolution

New Year, New You or in the case of this podcast episode, New Year and slightly different you! In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet talk about resolutions for a newer, better lifestyle. Listen in as Lisa describes a run in at a grocery store and how not everyone thinks kids playing “monster” is cute. (We think its cute though.)

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Working In, Working Out

Working In, Working Out

Life is busy with work, errands, social events and of course, kids birthday parties. So how do we make time to work out? In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about how fitness can be stress reducing BEFORE the holidays. Listen in for some workout ideas, tips and inspiration. What can you do with 30 minutes of work out time?

A Mother’s Guilt

Why do so many women seem to be more susceptible to guilt and shame when it comes to the expectations of others?  Questions like Am I spending enough time with guests at my party? Should I do whatever everyone else is doing?  In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet talk about the guilt that often comes with being a mom, why its more prevalent in women and how to be caught up in the moment ( in a good way.)  Listen to the episode and squash some guilt of your own too!

A Veteran Dad

In this special episode, Juspreet and Lisa spend some time with an Army Veteran and super hero dad. Dennis. Dennis spent over 20 years in the Army as a dad of two daughters. After he retired from the Army,  and  he started life as a civilian with a new wife, a stepson and a new baby.  Listen in as he shares his stories about deploying to active combat, jumping out of a plane for a living and finding his balance in Life.

Do you have a Veteran parent or spouse that is a super hero in your life?  We would love to hear from you on Facebook or Instagram.

Your Story Matters

How does the legacy of our parents and grandparents play a role in our own lives?  What impact can one generation have on the next one?

In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about why self-reflection and self-exploration are important for children and adults alike. Your Story Matters and why it matters goes much deeper than just  understanding how you think and feel.  Juspreet reflects on a recent workshop where she helped some young leaders get to know themselves and each other. Then they both talk about the legacy that endures in their own lives.  Listen to the episode and then join the conversation too.

The Search for Fertility

How does the journey of IVF take its toll on marriage, mental health and household finances? Have we created space for men to be vulnerable about infertility? And can therapy be a part of the healing process?

In this episode, Juspreet continues her conversation with Reena Sekhon on miscarriage, womanhood and maternity. Listen to the conversation and then join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or even email.

This is part 2 of a 2 part podcast.