Going Back To School

Kids and Parents are getting ready for a new school year, and sometimes that means more than just school supplies. How do you prepare your child and yourself for Bullying and other adverse social behavior?  In this Episode from our archive, Juspreet talks through rushing to school after a call about a school yard fight. Lisa talks about her own experience being bullied and then becoming a bully.  This episode is part 1 of 2 parts.

Politics and Playdates

What do you do if your view on politics don’t necessarily match with the parents of your children’s friends?  What would you do if disagree with another parent while you are on a playdate? How do you determine if your friends want to talk about emotionally charged topics?

In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet discuss if politics and playdates can mix! And join the conversation on instagram, facebook , twitter or send us an email!

Vacations, Boredom and Being in Love

Preparing for a vacation can be more work than it worth especially if you outsource the packing to unsupervised children! In this episode, Juspreet talks about reconnecting with her children, family and husband on a vacation. She also gives her children a taste of boredom and all the wonderful things that can happen as a result of true boredom. Listen in and then join the conversation on social media @IYTTShine on instagram and facebook.

Connections and Open Spaces

How can we retain open spaces in our minds, heart and lives to connect with others?  Is this a quality that can be taught or is it inherent to our personality?  In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about making connections and creating a world where we are not closing our children off to our others. They also exchange some babysitting secrets!

A trip to the DMV, Easy right?

Sometimes when you are a parent, every day mundane errands are easy and breezy and other times they become epic sagas.  In this episode, Lisa describes a trip to the DMV where just about everything goes wrong. Just when she thinks things cannot get any worse, they do. And then- she experiences solidarity from others. Join in as they talk about solidarity, being kind and how to make a friend.

Dopamine and Social Media- it’s like riding a bike

As humans we have always been addicted to the euphoric effects of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Now more than ever, we are becoming addicted to the instant gratification of likes on social media. Once exposed to the quick and easy rewards in technology, it becomes harder for children to develop the neural pathways that trigger dopamine from other experiences.  What effect does this have on our children now and in the future?

Going going, back back to… work work!

Parenting is often about balance as much as it is approach. In this episode, we hear about Lisa’s transition back to work. What stresses are added to a family when a primary caregiver returns to work?  How can we counteract the immense value and confidence that comes along with the idea of work?  Does our local culture affect how we view our own worth?

Join in our conversation as we discuss work, worth and how relativity is an important tool to measure progress.


Positive Affirmations in a world of selfies, mirrors and #metoo

In a world of selfies and socially induced self-inspection, children (like all of us) are naturally drawn to the negative. Whether it is body image, personal achievement or  even mastery of a new skill, how do we model a confident, self-image and positive affirmations for ourselves ? What are the effects of the smallest insecurity when our children start school?

Lisa and Juspreet discuss how the #metoo movement has increased their awareness and willingness to discuss the boundaries of personal space with their children. Lisa suggests that a negative interaction can create a gauge for compassion in our children and perhaps sheltering is not always the best solution;  Perhaps Self Love and Kindness towards ourselves is a better first step for parents.

A Day For Our Mothers

Everything we are, we owe to our Mothers.

In this special episode, Lisa and Juspreet are joined by their own mothers.  We are talking about the good, the bad and the ugly! What was it like to come to a new country and not yet speak the language? What challenges did our mothers face while creating a safe world for us?

Listen in as we talk about everything from the first day of school to the double standard between men and women.

When One Becomes Two…

Some parents start to chase nirvana when a baby becomes a toddler with evening date nights, trips to the store and organized play dates. It is only after the newborn sleepless nights are a distant memory that many parents start the cycle again with a new baby. How do you make this decision to have another baby?

In this episode Lisa shares her fears about having a second child including not being able to work, having less time for the baby and doing a better job at parenting. Listen in as these friends get to the heart of how to make big decisions and which factors are relevant in the new age of parenting.

Preventative Care Parenting

In the wake of bullying and adverse social behavior, we learn that so many incidents arise out of curiosity. Can unanswered questions lead to the idea of the Other ?

In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet discuss techniques and strategies for peer pressure and bully prevention. Whether its as simple as meeting your child’s teacher or friends, or as advanced as observing your child’s friends at play, there are many ways to inform a possible situation. In addition, to sharing sample techniques, they discuss real community efforts that make a lasting influence for children.

Note: This is a follow up to a previous episode on Bullying. 

Finding Strength in Unity

In a special episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about the fear and anxiety that naturally grows for parents and how to quiet that inner voice for a greater good.  The March for Our Lives is the backdrop for community solidarity and they both witness a shift as teenagers become change agents.

When are the seeds of compassion and activism planted in a child? Can we find Strength in Unity? Listen in to find more, and share your perspective with us at www.yourtimepodcast.com, or on social media, @IYTTShine. This episode is a follow up to Creating a Culture of Kindess & Gun Control